About me

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Hi, I’m Christian and I’m a visual storyteller

My storytelling tool of choice is the camera. I visualise ideas and make them come to life. 

Even though we live in a world where everything is interconnected, it still is surprisingly hard to communicate ideas and concepts without «showing» them first – this is where visual storytelling begins. 

I work with people, I work with situations and I tell stories for people and brands to help them tell a story that is immediately understood.

I write, direct, edit, I interview people and sometimes I teach – it depends on the situation and the need.

I consider my style to be colourful, movement based, optimistic, philantropic and I believe that there is an interesting story around every corner, you just have to look for it.

Some awesome people I've worked with hang out at Dansens Hus, NRK, Kjeller Innovasjon, Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt, Norsk Elektrooptikk, Skykontoret, Hesla Farm, Gvåle hyttefelt, Christiania Crossfit.